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Flow Canyons Leadership Course (Interview Deposit)

We interview everyone because we're a team in the Canyons–and it really matters who’s with you. Want in? Place your fully refundable deposit below. Then, schedule your interview on the next page.


This deposit is 100% fully refundable.

If you don't end up training with us after your interview, you’ll get your money back straight away. We only ask for it to make sure you don’t ghost our wonderful admissions team and take up a spot on the waitlist ;)

Program Dates:

  • The program begins with our first briefing on Wednesday, September 20th.
  • The week-long expedition takes place October 12-19th in Utah.
  • Our integration and debrief calls wrap up on Wednesday, November 1st!


"When thinking about my friends that I think would love this, if I knew them well enough, I would give no description. And I would just say 'It does not matter when. It does not matter how. You must do this, at some point in your life, just trust me.'" - Sam Feinburg, Entrepreneur

"It's just the right medicine. It'll give you what you need, in an unexpected way, without you noticing it until the end." – Camila Fernandez

"Your whole life perspective changes from being in the regular world – the experience was awesome. It's humbling, but also empowering. The curriculum was profound." – Shebbie Jacques, Entrepreneur

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