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Flow Canyons Leadership Course (Interview Deposit)

A deposit to be interviewed for the Flow Training Expedition through Dark Canyon, UT. After you place your deposit, you'll be able to choose a time for your interview with our team.


This deposit is 100% fully refundable.

If you don't end up training with us after your interview, we'll get your money back straight away

Start Date: The week-long expedition takes place during the second half of October, 2022. 


"When thinking about my friends that I think would love this, if I knew them well enough, I would give no description. And I would just say 'It does not matter when. It does not matter how. You must do this, at some point in your life, just trust me.'" - Sam Feinburg, Entrepreneur

"It's just the right medicine. It'll give you what you need, in an unexpected way, without you noticing it until the end." – Camila Fernandez

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